Fruity and floral notes with the right punch of cola flavour of J Brown XXX Rum by Kizansh Spirit is a chef’s kiss. This quality dark rum sets the traditions right with its classy taste. Blended with matured grain malts and sugarcane concentrate that comes from the lush green fields of India, J Brown has an alcohol concentration of 42.8%. Sip it neat or create your own fusion.

J Brown XXX rum is an alcoholic distillate from the aged juice of sugarcane, sugarcane syrup, sugarcane molasses and other sugarcane results, delivered at something like 190 proof in a way that distillate has the taste, fragrance and trademark commonly ascribed to rum, and jugs at not less than 80 proof, incorporates combination exclusively of such distillates.
It is quite possibly one of the most flexible spirits and comes in different shapes and structures with its particular consistency being that all are produced using sugarcane.


Hues of mahogany.


Tropical fruity with spices and caramel.


Light and crisp to rich and velvety


Notes of sweetness with lingering spices


  • 180ml, 750ml