Black 52 is a cinnamon-infused whisky that gives off notes of toasted bread, caramel and alcohol warmer. It is a finely mixed whisky with a complex brilliant variety and a phenomenally smooth and captivating fragrance. What Black 52 looks like? We can keep it simple. Sticking to words like golden, straw and caramel describe it just right. This smooth golden spirit, through its colours, reveals its oak wood finish and premium blend.

Black 52 Classic Whisky is one of the cornerstones of a true gentlemanly life. A lively spirit that whips some interesting stories. Made with matured malts and the finest Indian grains, Black 52 whisky by Kizansh is a festival of flavours.


Pale golden tone


Light wood with a slight play of sweet lime


Sweet and malty with a hint of spice


Strong Lingering finish


330ml, 500 ml, 650ml