Aroma 96 is Fine & rare Indian brandy, alcoholic beverage distilled from wine or a fermented fruit mash. The term used alone generally refers to the grape product; brandies made from the wines or fermented mashes of other fruits are commonly identified by the specific fruit name.

The matured rum brings layers of flavour and complexity that appeal to many dedicated drinkers. The unique combination of its smooth taste and distinct flavours, makes it the daddy of all rums. Its majestic bottle and bold taste truly hit your senses. It is a drink not for the faint-hearted, but only for the fearless. The Lion is here to rule.


Dark amber with a reddish tint.


A pleasant somewhat fruity fragrance.


A classic, but not overwhelming, combination of caramel and raisin.


Lasting and smooth. End fades slowly.


  • Aroma 96 comes in the standard size of 750ml, 180ml and 60ml


  • India: Civil markets
  • Exports: Nigeria